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About Us

As experts in nonprofit consulting, the Spectrum Nonprofit Services team will collaborate with you to devise a strategy that integrates your nonprofit’s mission, finances, and leadership.

Spectrum Nonprofit

Spectrum’s Story

Throughout his career as a nonprofit leader, Spectrum Nonprofit’s founder Steve Zimmerman noticed every organization hitting similar roadblocks. How do we increase financial stability? How do we grow our impact?  Variations of these inquiries all led to the ultimate question: How do you focus on your mission when you’re worried about your organization’s finances?

Steve Zimmerman started Spectrum Nonprofit Services in 2007 with the goal of creating adaptable strategic solutions with longevity for nonprofit leaders, so they can better serve their communities. Today, Spectrum Nonprofit is a knowledgeable team of experts who work together to carry out this important mission.

Our Pillars


Spectrum Nonprofit learns about your organization’s goals and priorities, then demonstrates how our organizational model and tools can support your nonprofit.


Spectrum Nonprofit collaborates with you to strategize changes that will grow your organization’s impact, financial viability, and leadership.


Spectrum Nonprofit provides flexible strategies to begin implementing changes today that will positively impact your organization’s future.


Spectrum Nonprofit engages everyone in your organization through our process, to build the knowledge, skills, and tools to adapt and own your strategy for many years to come.

Our Team

Client Engagement Manager

Alexander Porte


Alexander entered the nonprofit sector through a fellowship opportunity with Mama Hope, an organization dedicated to supporting the projects of local change agents across East Africa. He was previously the program and communications manager for The Chain Collaborative, a U.S.-based nonprofit that partners with and invests in the vision of change leaders within coffee growing communities across East Africa and Latin America. Prior to joining the sector, he worked for several years as an analyst for Willis Towers Watson, a risk and advisory consulting firm specializing in employer-sponsored benefits solutions, where he garnered experience in project management, strategy, financial analysis, and client services.

Areas of Expertise

Nonprofit Strategy & Business Models; Financial Strategy


B.S. in International Health from Georgetown University

Conversation Starter

Alexander has lived in the United States, Ghana, Uganda, and Tanzania.


Maggie Corry


Maggie Corry specializes in nonprofit capacity building, adaptive strategic planning, fund development strategies, and other facets of nonprofit management. She approaches her work with enthusiasm, compassion, and empathy for the challenges and fulfillment of working in the nonprofit sector.

Before joining Spectrum Nonprofit Services, Maggie served as development director for Radio Milwaukee, a nonprofit radio station using music and stories to build a stronger Milwaukee. Maggie has also served as a consultant with Fund Development Corporation, partnering with Penfield Children’s Center, Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, the YMCA, and other Milwaukee nonprofits on campaign management and development assessments. Prior to that, she was the associate registrar of Third Street Music School. Her community involvement includes board service with Community Shares of Greater Milwaukee and Renaissance Child Development Center, in addition to committee work with Imagine MKE.

Areas of Expertise

Revenue Strategy; Financial Strategy; Nonprofit Strategy & Business Models


M.P.A. specializing in nonprofit management from New York University
B.A. in art history from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

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Maggie is a mom to two young kids, Riley and Hannah, and is raising them to be diehard Green Bay Packers fans just like her.


Shelly Schnupp


Shelly has over 25 years of experience serving in positions of leadership and consulting for a range of local, regional, and national organizations, including the YWCA of Southeast Wisconsin and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Helen Bader Institute for Nonprofit Management. She works to bridge research and community practice, benefiting students and nonprofits that are seeking information and tools to improve their work.

Shelly facilitates strategy work and has designed tools and delivered training on various nonprofit topics at local, regional, and national conferences, both in-person and online. She also serves as managing director for Project Pivot.

Areas of Expertise

Board Governance; Organization & Programmatic Impact; Nonprofit Strategy & Business Models


M.A. in public administration from the University of Illinois
Graduate certificate in nonprofit management from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

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Shelly has taught nonprofit revenue streams and program evaluation and policy analysis courses at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.


Steve Zimmerman


Steve Zimmerman serves as the principal of Spectrum Nonprofit Services. His extensive nonprofit experience includes serving as a chief financial officer, development director, and associate director at community-based nonprofits, where he performed turnarounds resulting in increased financial sustainability and programmatic reach.

Steve Zimmerman is a co-author of The Sustainability Mindset: Using the Matrix Map to Make Strategic Decisions with Jeanne Bell and the bestselling book Nonprofit Sustainability: Making Strategic Decisions for Financial Viability with Jeanne Bell and Jan Masaoka. The books highlight Spectrum Nonprofit’s integrated approach to nonprofits, which balances mission impact and financial viability.

Additionally, Steve’s writing has been featured by Nonprofit Quarterly, BoardSource, and Harvard Business Review, and he contributed the strategy chapter to Wiley’s Nonprofit Management 101. He is a sought after trainer and speaker on adaptive strategy, business models, and revenue strategy for nonprofits.

Areas of Expertise

Nonprofit Strategy & Business Models; Financial Strategy; Revenue Strategy; Strategy Implementation & Operations


B.A. from Claremont McKenna College
M.B.A. from Yale University
Certified public accountant

Conversation Starter

Steve Zimmerman started his professional nonprofit career taking a leave of absence from public accounting to run a summer camp, where he saw firsthand the importance of finance in making the mission come to life.