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In Partnership with the New Hampshire Center for Nonprofits

2021 Nonprofit Sustainability Institute

Cohort Background

Welcome Cohort Members!

There is a deep interconnectedness between a nonprofit’s ability to be financially viable and to have impact. For an organization to achieve greater sustainability, it needs to not only invest in the right revenue strategies, but must also understand the true costs of its activities and the impact they deliver. By understanding and aligning these components, the impact and financial strategies become reinforcing – growing and evolving as the organization achieves its mission.

At the conclusion of this educational series, you and your team will leave with a clear process and tools for thinking about your organization’s dual bottom lines—financial viability and mission impact—in a holistic way. The financial analysis and language co-created around your programs’ impact will live on past the creation of the Matrix Map and this program. This will, in turn, lead to ongoing critical programming decisions that maximize financial and human resources to sustain your organization and its impact.

The Spectrum Team

Steve Zimmerman,, 414-226-2322
Steve Strang,, 414-727-4676
Shelly Schnupp,, 414-412-0408
Alexander Porte,, 414-727-1029

Send your documents to Spectrum at

Cohort Members

Building Community In New Hampshire
Community Volunteer Transportation
Cornucopia Project
Marguerite’s Place
Northern Community Investment Corporation
Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success NRRA
Partnership for Public Health

Cohort Overview & Schedule

Split into a series of webinars and coaching sessions, the cohort will take you and your team through processes to:

  • Develop a clearer understanding of your organization’s dual bottom line – financial viability and mission impact
  • Identify strategic imperatives for sustainability
  • Receive professional advice and coaching to bring innovation and change to your organization
  • Build capacity to fulfill your mission

At the end of this cohort, you and your team will walk away with the knowledge and tools needed to build capacity to fulfill your organization’s mission.

You can join any of the webinars by visiting

Session 1: Kick-Off To Sustainability

Welcome & Introductions: 00:00

Cohort Overview: 29:32

Strategic Challenges: 39:10

Strategic Challenges Discussion: 48:25

Defining Sustainability: 51:20

Introducing Intended Impact: 1:25:50

Session 2: Intended Impact & Defining Programs

Welcome: 00:00

Recap: 03:00

Intended Impact: 09:35

Questions to Ask Discussion: 25:40

Defining Programs: 39:05

Next Steps: 53:52

Session 3: Mission Impact Assessment

Welcome: 00:00

Recap: 01:10

Introducing The Mission Impact Assessment: 08:30

Defining & Selecting Criteria: 23:16

Selecting Criteria Group Discussion: 38:54

Consider Who Is Involved: 43:20

Mission Impact Assessment Scoring: 46:50

Mission Impact Scoring Group Discussion: 1:02:20

Next Steps: 1:06:12

Session 4: Determining Profitability

Welcome: 00:00

Recap: 02:50

Programmatic Profitability: 11:44

True Program Costs: 16:57

Allocation: 30:16

Profitability Template Walk-Thru: 37:33

Wrap-Up & Next Steps 1:27:29

Session 5: Revenue Analysis

Welcome: 00:00

Recap: 01:05

Vocabulary: 03:10

Diversity: 06:05

Type of Nonprofit Revenue: 11:15

Characteristics of Sustainable Revenue: 26:50

Beneficiary Analysis: 42:27

Flexibility: 59:00

Organizational Capacity: 1:00:45

Capacity Analysis: 1:17:05

Next Steps: 1:23:23

Session 6: Key Messages of the Matrix Map

Welcome & Process Recap: 00:00

Aha! Discussions: 04:20

Key Messages & How to Read the Map: 15:50

Your Matrix Map Packet & Types of Maps: 29:00

Matrix Map Key Messages Discussion: 39:16

Next Steps: 53:20

Session 7: Initial Priorities

Welcome & Touchbase Conversation: 00:00

Strategic Inquiries: 13:35

Strategic Inquiries Discussion: 32:38

Initial Priorities: 37:35

Initial Priorities Discussion: 44:19

Introducing the Business Model: 49:40

Next Steps: 53:03