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In Partnership with the New Hampshire Center for Nonprofits

Reimagining Your Organization

Cohort Background

Welcome Cohort Members!

Nonprofits across all mission areas and budget sizes have been forced to respond to the pandemic rapidly while holding true to their values. Our world won’t return to “normal” tomorrow and now is the time to act to secure your organization’s future. Use this moment as an opportunity to reimagine your nonprofit organization and to make the necessary – yet oftentimes difficult – decisions to strengthen long-term sustainability. Whether your organization needs a sounding board to talk through challenges or to discuss your operating model and strategy, you can plan for a new future in an inclusive manner that ensures all voices—constituents, staff, and board—are heard to strengthen your organization’s impact and sustainability.

We will be using this page as the homepage for all information on the cohort.  Below, we will list upcoming dates, recordings of past trainings, resources, and information on the cohort members.

The Spectrum Team

Steve Zimmerman,, 414-226-2322
Steve Strang,, 414-727-4676
Shelly Schnupp,, 414-412-0408

Send your documents to Spectrum at

Cohort Members

Barnstormers Theatre
Breakthrough Manchester
The Front Door Agency
Keene Housing Kids Collaborative
One Sky Community Services
UpReach Therapeutic Equestrian Center
World Fellowship Center

Strategy Lanes & Schedule

The cohort consists of three phases: Understanding Your Foundation, Strategy Development, and Prioritizing and Adapting.

  1. During the Understanding Your Foundation phase, all teams will examine their organization, the environment it operates in, and develop a foundation for later phases.
  2. During the Strategy Development phase, the cohort will be split into three groups for a deeper dive into different strategic areas, based on needs.
  3. During the Prioritizing and Adapting phase, the cohort will reconvene to discuss prioritization, telling their organization’s story, and to share what they’ve learned.

At the end of the cohort, teams will have a prioritized strategy for how to move forward and a better understanding of their organization, two tools that are invaluable in these challenging times.


Upcoming Zoom Schedule and Links

Phase 1: Understand Your Foundation

  • Cohort Overview, Strategic Issues, Intended Impact – October 21st
  • People Strategy & Market Analysis – November 4th

Phase 2: Strategy Development Lanes

Revenue Strategy & Fundraising

Impact Strategy and Program Assessment

Phase 3: Prioritizing & Adapting

Session 1: Strategic Challenges & Intended Impact

Welcome & Intros: 00:00
Presentation Part #1 / Challenges: 21:35
Breakout Room Discussion: 37:15
Presentation Part 2 / Impact: 42:40
Breakout Rooms #2 & Closing: 58:50
End: 67:51

Session 2: People Strategy & Nonprofit Markets

Welcome: 00:00
Recap of First Session: 3:56
Presentation Part #1 / Market Analysis: 12:08
Breakout Room Discussion: 33:30
Presentation Part 2 / People Strategy: 37:30
Breakout Rooms #2 Discussion: 44:25
Closing Comments: 49:30

Session 3.1
Revenue Strategy Intro & Beneficiaries

Breakout room discussions 11:34–11:39 and 38:40–38:45


Session 3.2
Impact Strategy Workshop

Breakout room discussions 33:15-35:44 and 46:09-51:21


Session 4.1
Investing in Revenue Capacities

Session 4.2
Impact Strategy Building

Breakout room discussions 12:30-16:43, 26:30-26:35, 42:28-49:40

Session 5.1
Revenue Strategy Building

Session 5.2
Mission Impact Assessment

Session 6: Telling Your Story

Peer Learning Session

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